Belated, apologetic, Happy Veteran’s Day Parade

From my adopted hometown of Sacramento California; a celebration of the young to the not so young.

Veterans Parade-003 Veterans Parade-007 Veterans Parade-010 Veterans Parade-013 Veterans Parade-015 Veterans Parade-016 Veterans Parade-018 Veterans Parade-021 Veterans Parade-022 Veterans Parade-023 Veterans Parade-024 Veterans Parade-025 Veterans Parade-026 Veterans Parade-037 Veterans Parade-039 Veterans Parade-042 Veterans Parade-043 Veterans Parade-044 Veterans Parade-046 Veterans Parade-052 Veterans Parade-055 Veterans Parade-057 Veterans Parade-059 Veterans Parade-065 Veterans Parade-068 Veterans Parade-070 Veterans Parade-073 Veterans Parade-074 Veterans Parade-076 Veterans Parade-077 Veterans Parade-078 Veterans Parade-081 Veterans Parade-082 Veterans Parade-083 Veterans Parade-085 Veterans Parade-086 Veterans Parade-091 Veterans Parade-092 Veterans Parade-093 Veterans Parade-095 Veterans Parade-101 Veterans Parade-104 Veterans Parade-106 Veterans Parade-107 Veterans Parade-109 Veterans Parade-110 Veterans Parade-111 Veterans Parade-113 Veterans Parade-114 Veterans Parade-115


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