Rooftop garden Beauties, and a touch of Oakland

Oakland Girls-011 Last week (ya, i know i need to be a little more timely in my posts!) I had the pleasure of dining on fine cuisine with my two younger daughters. The youngest cooked (and I quote) ‘healthy yummy kimmy tacos’ and gave her sister and I the grand tour of her new apartment. Well the tacos were almost as awesome as the company, and we could tell that she was quite proud and happy to have established herself in her new abode. My camera was begging for action so we visited the Kaiser rooftop garden park, then went around the corner to Chinatown for some frozen yogurt (no known connection; just the closest one).  The grand finale; down towards Jack London Square to see her place of employment (no pics – they can pay me for the advertising), where I captured some local stark-itecture!

Oakland Girls-012 Oakland Girls-017 Oakland Girls-018-Edit Oakland Girls-089-Edit Oakland Girls-092-Edit Oakland Girls-093-Edit Oakland Girls-097-Edit Oakland Girls-101 Oakland Girls-105_HDR Oakland Girls-109

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