Iphonephotoappfun(and assignment)

20121117-160950.jpgSo here is the culmination of all my blood sweat and tears (any sympathy teach?) from an assignment in my ‘trends in software for photographers’ ! (love the lens flare app!)

20121117-161001.jpgThis was the add grit phase (and sharpening foreground – hard to do in my pick – no discernible foreground so i tried to mask highlights and sharpen shadows) (photo fx app)

20121117-161015.jpgpolarizer for sky layer (PHOTO FX app)

20121117-161030.jpgHDR (high dynamic range) product from PRO HDR app

20121117-161049.jpgexposed shadows

20121117-161057.jpgexposed highlights


4 thoughts on “Iphonephotoappfun(and assignment)

    • Larger would definitely been better. I tried to change the size, but because i exported them at a small size from my phone/pad, there is no way to make them larger here on the blog. But i do appreciate the input; i have since changed some of the sizes on my other recent blogs in order to make my work more visible. Thanks!

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