Watch what you wish for

So the other night I’m picking up supplies for a show I am in. Mind you, I have invested a bit here and there in my photography career (cough!) hobby, but for some reason this time it hit me. Time to take this a little more seriously, or get a second job to pay for my hobby. So, after some meditative contemplation, I realize that ‘real’ photographers have websites, and blogs, and enter a lot more shows than I have been. But, I whine to myself, I don’t know how to do all those things. Herein lies the gotcha:

Two days later…whammo! My photo professor assigns the ‘term paper’ of the class; build a blog, post to it, interact with other social media, link to my media and others…. the list of requirements is endless. This is precisely why I am taking these classes. This is the push I need to exit my comfort zone.

ya ya ya – blah blah (insert peanuts adult mumblings here)!!!


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